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The Bible and commentary

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Books identified with * are available for free loan through the Secaucus Public Library and the Bergen Country Cooperative Library Service.



Read an interesting article about books about the Bible by Publishers Weekly. If you find any books of interest in this article that are not listed on this page, use your back button to return to this page to place an order with Amazon.com using the search at the bottom of this page.




Harper HarperCollins Study BibleCollins Study Bible:
New Revised Standard Version, with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books *
hardcover / Oct 1993

A revolutionary, in-depth, general reader reference Bible offering the full text of the New Revised Standard Version (used in our church) coupled with state-of-the-art notes by 60 leading experts on books of the Bible.
Also in paperback.


NRSV Bible-Large PrintThe Holy Bible : New Revised Standard Version Anglicized Edition, Containing the Old and New Testaments With the Apocryphal/Deuterocanocical Books [LARGE PRINT] / Hardcover / April 2000

The large, 12-point type of this edition of the popular New Revised Standard Version Bible will be welcomed by those engaged in the public proclamation of the Scriptures and by the sight-impaired. Its crisp, clear type and accurate New Oxford Bible Maps make the Large Print Edition a great resource. In addition, the Bible's comfortable size makes it easy to hold in the reader's hands.

The Jewish Study BibleThe Jewish Study Bible
Featuring The Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation
Hardcover / October 2003

This outstanding and surprisingly affordable study Bible stands in the tradition of Oxford's great study Bibles, using the Jewish Publication Society translation. Leading Jewish scholars introduce each book and offer extensive sidebar commentary, discussing the views of ancient and modern rabbinic scholars. In addition, the volume provides two dozen scholarly essays on different aspects of interpretation: the Bible's use in various periods in Jewish history, in the liturgy, in the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are essays on biblical languages, canonization, textual criticism, philosophical and mystical traditions, and biblical poetry. This landmark volume is at once serious and accessible, and spans the spectrum of Jewish thought. -- Publishers Weekly

The The Message Remix 2.0Message Remix 2.0
The Bible In contemporary Language
Edited by Eugene H. Peterson / Hardcover / June 2006

The Message is a unique paraphrase of the Bible: a lifetime work of Eugene H. Peterson. The Message Remix 2.0 , the latest complete edition, is packed with a variety of features ideal for students and youth pastors, and well received by all who appreciate a contemporarily worded Bible. This latest version is 20% thinner than its predecessor and includes expanded book introductions, a topical concordance of student related material and reference resources with maps and charts.Included is the exclusive Message numbering system..

Frequently asked questions and answers about The Message Bible.

The Message - Large Print EditionThe Message - Large Print Edition
The Bible In contemporary Language
Edited by Eugene H. Peterson / Hardcover / June 2007 

This large-print version of The Message was designed for those who prefer a larger type for easier reading: Font size - 12.5 (larger than many standard large-print Bibles). 2,048 pages. Contains the same charts and maps as the full-size numbered edition.


My Read with me BibleFirst Message
A Devotional Bible for Kids
by Eugene H. Peterson / Hardcover / June 2007

A unique Bible designed to encourage parent-child interaction, My First Message introduces children to God's Word through 50 Bible stories from the the best-selling Message Bible text, lively illustrations, short lessons, and a format that considers a small attention span.Much more than a storybook, it's an easy and fun way for parents to teach their children about God's Word and learn a lifelong devotional method. Recommended for children 4 to 8 years old.


Eat Eat This BookThis Book
A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

by Eugene H. Peterson / Hardcover / January 2006

Peterson is a retired pastor and popular author best known for The Message, a paraphrasing of the Bible into modern idiom. In this slender book, he invites Christian readers to encounter the Bible anew. Drawing on language in Ezekiel and Revelation, Peterson says that we ought not read the Bible the same way we read a cookbook, a textbook, or even a great novel. Rather, Christians are to absorb, imbibe, feed on, and digest Scripture. Peterson recommends a type of Bible-based prayer called lectio divina, in which the person praying meditates on a short passage of Scripture and listens for God to speak through the text. Peterson's exposition of lectio divina--which has been made trendy by writers including Kathleen Norris--is one of the fullest to appear in recent years. Throughout, he cautions that lectio is not a systematic way of reading, but rather a "developed habit of living the text in Jesus' name." The last chapter, in which Peterson ruminates on his own experience translating the Bible, will be fascinating to Peterson's devotees, but is perhaps somewhat more myopic than the rest of the book. On the whole, however, this is a worthy sequel to Peterson's 2004 hit Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places -- Publishers Weekly

The The Oxford Companion to the BibleBible from Scratch:
A Lightning Tour from Genesis to Revelation
by Simon Jenkins / Paperback / Nov 2006

The Bible from Scratch is essentially a Cliff Notes version of the Bible with a small dose of cartoon humor added for good measure, enthusiastically recommended especially for anyone brand new to Biblical studies and in need of an easy-to-grasp overview.

The Oxford Companion to the BibleThe Oxford Companion to the Bible
Edited by Bruce M. Metzger and Michael David Coogan / Hardcover / Sep 1993 /

Despite its dictionary arrangement and the encyclopedic nature of many of its entries, this volume does not fit the mold of standard Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, which focus primarily on the Bible and on means of understanding it in context. Unlike them, this companion aims to "trace the Bible's ongoing significance in such areas as the arts, law, politics, and literature." OCB provides a significant addition to the reference literature, providing a substantial amount of depth at a reasonable price. While Harper's still is adequate for ready reference, The Oxford Companion to the Bible provides more substance on many topics.

Note: this book has been in publication for a number of years and good buys are available in used books at Amazon.com.

The Cambridge Companion to the BibleThe Cambridge Companion to the Bible
by Howard Clark Kee, Eric M. Meyers, John Rogerson, and Amy-Jill Levine / Hardcover Feb 1997 /

This work offers materials that are designed to give background to and interpretations of the canonical and apocryphal books of the Old and New Testaments as well as of selected pseudographical books. Four specialists present their ideas in four main subdivisions: introduction, Old Testament world, Jewish responses to Greco-Roman Culture, and formation of the Christian community.. In many ways the Cambridge Companion provides a useful complement to The Oxford Companion to the Bible (Oxford Univ., 1993), which contains many more but much shorter and disconnected entries from over 250 contributors, using an alphabetical order of arrangement. The two companions are thus so differently conceived and designed as to offer the distinctive strengths of either easier accessibility and a broader range of coverage (The Oxford Companion) or greater concentration on literary interests in the context of a more continuous analysis of the social and historical forces (The Cambridge Companion). Both are highly recommended as first-rate single-volume resources for general readers and informed lay readers.

Also in paperback - Oct 2007

HarperCollins HarperCopllins Bible CommentaryBible Commentary
Revised Edition

Hardcover / 1232 pages / November 2000

This fully revised edition of the HarperCollins Bible Commentary is the most up-to-date reference book of its kind for understanding and interpreting the meaning of the Bible. The accessible and highly readable format sets a new standard for excellence.

HarperCollins HarperCollins Bible DictionaryBible Dictionary
Revised Edition / Hardcover / 1280 pages / 1996

An unparalleled resource, The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary explains every aspect of the Bible, including biblical archaeology, culture, related writings such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible's influence on Western civilization, biblical history, theological concepts, modern biblical interpretations, flora nad fauna, climate and environment, crafts and industry, the content of individual books of the bible, and more

Oxford Oxford Bible AtlasBible Atlas
Fourth Edition / Hardcover / 224 pages / February 2007

The most recent advances in biblical, archaeological, and topographical scholarship have been incorporated into this long-respected work, bringing it completely up to date and making it essential for all students of biblical history.

Also available in Paperback (Third - prior - edition).

Welcome Welcome to the Bibleto the Bible
by Vicki K. Black and Peter W. Wenner / Paperback / April 2007

New Episcopalians may be nervous about opening the Bible; others simply don't know how to begin. An often-overlooked gift of the Episcopal Church is that the texts and doctrines of the Bible are embedded in its prayers, liturgies, and creeds. Making that knowledge explicit and placing it in context can open the way for further study. This is a book in the Morehouse Publishing "Welcome to..." series.

Books in this series:
Welcome to Sunday by Christopher L. Webber
Welcome to the Bible by Vicki K. Black and by Peter Wenner
Welcome to the Book of Common Prayer by Vicki K. Black
Welcome to the Church Year by Vicki K. Black
Welcome to the Episcopal Church by Christopher L. Webber and foreword by The Right Rev. Frank T. Griswold, III

ConversationsConversations with the Bible: Gospel of John with Scripture: The Gospel of John
(Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars Study Series)
by Cynthia Kittredge / Paperback / October 2007

For contemporary Christians, John's Gospel is a paradox. On the one hand, it stresses boundaries: "No one comes to the Father except through me," while on the other it stresses community: "I have no longer called you servants, but friends." This book encourages readers to draw out the tensions between these two perspectives to make the gospel more meaningful to their lives.

Books in this series, co-sponsored by the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars, are written in accessible language, sensitive to the needs of people who have little or no experience in reading the Bible. Each book focuses on exploring the historical and critical background, as well as how the biblical texts written centuries ago can still speak to readers today. Study questions are included.

ConversationsConversations with Scripture: The Parables with Scripture: The Parables
by William Brosend / Paperback / Nov 2006

From the very beginning, human beings have loved to listen to stories. And Jesus loved to tell them. The parables are vivid, rich,arresting stories that make us think and teach us lessons about our relationship with God and others. From talents to mustard seeds, from shepherds to Samaritans, Jesus used common reference points to teach important truths. But the parables are filled with ambiguity and room for interpretation. With historical and cultural background, and careful scholarly detail, this book helps readers explore their beauty, richness, and joy. ncludes discussion questions and activities. Chapters are organized by parable types such as seeking and growth.

Conversations Conversations  with Scripture: The Lawwith Scripture: The Law
(Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars Study Series)
by Kevin A. Wilson / paperback / May2006

Although the Ten Commandments have been the center of much recent controversy in American politics, scripture contains many laws about which Christians are perplexed. If the Bible contains laws, shouldn't those laws be followed? What does the law that prohibits reaping a harvest to the very edges of your field mean in modern times? Or, what about God's prohibition, in Leviticus not to round off the hair on your temples or to mar the edges of your beard? The Decalogue and the Holiness Code in Leviticus contain guidelines to ethical behavior that originally helped to shape a covenant community and have meaning in us today.


REVIEW: Kevin Wilson's introductory exposition of biblical Law is a must read. Unusually wide-ranging and broadly informative for a book of its size, it is jam-packed with information about the Torah's commandments, sacrifices, rituals, and theology." -- Stephen L. Cook, Department of Old Testament, Virginia Theological Seminary.

Conversations Conversations with Scripture: RevelationWith Scripture: Revelation
(Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars Study Series)
by Frederick W. Schmidt / Paperback / March 2005

The Book of Revelation draws readers and repels them. It offers some people hope and instills fear in others. In this volume of the new AABS series Frederick W. Schmidt, also the series editor, explores the approaches that have dominated the interpretation of John's Apocalypse and offers the reader an accessible means of understanding and evaluating them. With this grounding in hand, Schmidt explores how Revelation can shape our understanding of God, and nurture our spiritual lives in unexpected ways. Leaving behind left-behind theology, Schmidt offers instead an approach that allows this obscure, almost opaque text to speak to us anew about God, faith, hope, and justice.


Wycliffe Wycliffe New Testament 1388New Testament 1388
Edited by W. R. Cooper / Hardcover/ 2002

John Wycliffe's preaching and writing inspired the translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English, and the impact was so great that within a decade of publication a law was passed condemning anyone caught reading it, to death. Despite this, the Wycliffe Bible was read by thousands. It fell into disuse because it was expensive compared to newer bibles, and because of changes in the English language from 1400 onwards. This edition of the Wycliffe Bible has been produced in a modern spelling edition, so that readers can enjoy reading this text for themselves.

Tyndale Tyndale BibleBible
1526 New Testament
Original Spelling Edition / Hardcover / 2000

The publication in 1526 of a modestly-priced pocket edition of the New Testament was arguably the most important single event in the English Reformation. This is a complete reprint of William Tyndale's pioneering translation of the New Testament from Greek into English. Produced at the same size as the original edition, it presents Tyndale's words in the original spelling and was written without chapter and verse notation. This is the translation that all English Bibles, including the King James, was based on until the 20th century. It has been transcribed and edited by Dr W.R. Cooper, and has an introduction by David Daniell, author of a biography of Tyndale and Chairman of the Tyndale Society. 

Find out more about the Tyndale Bible at the Online Gallery of the British Library.

Lindisfarne The Lindisfarne GospelsGospels
By Janet Backhouse /Paperback / Reprint January 1994

The Lindisfarne Gospels is one of Britain's greatest artistic treasures, the outstanding surviving example of early medieval European book painting. Written and illuminated in the late seventh century by the monk Eadfrith (later the Bishop of Lindisfarne), it is famous for the superb quality and intricate design of its decorated pages. This book reproduces all of the major pages and many details from the original manuscript in color. A must for anyone interested in manuscript illumination, Insular art and design, and the early history of the book in Britain.

A History A History of the End of the Worldof the End of the World
How the Most Controversial Book in the Bible Changed the Course of Western Civilization
by Jonathan Kirsch / Hardcover / September 2006

Kirsch, an attorney and book columnist for the Los Angeles Times, takes the reader on a delightful 2,000-year journey as he explores the biblical Book of Revelation, a text he describes as "a romantic tale, full of intrigue and suspense," and shows how churches, philosophers, clergy and armchair interpreters have promoted their political, social and religious agendas based on their belief that the end was imminent. Some of this history can be quite sobering, as the powerful have waged wars and built societies based on their varying perceptions of Revelation's message. However, consistent with Kirsch's earlier literary efforts, the author exercises great care in treating his material with both sobriety and a healthy sense of the ironic. Written clearly and for a general audience, this is a fine book that merits wide readership. - Publishers Weekly /0060816988

A Washington Post Book Review appears on the Amazon.com link

God's God's BestselleerBestseller:
William Tyndale, Thomas More, and the Writing of the English Bible---A Story of Martyrdom and Betrayal
by Brian Moynahan / Hardcover / August 2003 0312314868

Tyndale set out on a life of self-imposed exile in Germany and Amsterdam, where he translated and printed his Bible. As his work made its way into England-thanks in large part to Anne Boleyn's advocacy-Sir Thomas More, one of England's most active heretic hunters, attempted in every possible way to have Tyndale tried as a heretic. Moynahan recounts the oft-told story of Tyndale's subterfuge and his remarkable contribution to the history of Bible translation while recreating the political and religious intrigue of early 16th-century England. Moynahan captures well More's hatred of Tyndale, whom he called "a hellhound in the kennel of the devil," as well as Tyndale's burning desire to contribute to God's work through Bible translation, even if it meant death at the stake. As Moynahan points out, Tyndale's translation still exists in the King James Version, since his words account for 84% of its New Testament and 76% of its Old Testament.

Misquoting Misquoting JesusJesus
The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why

by Bart Ehrman / Hardcover / November 2005

When world-class biblical scholar Bart Ehrman first began to study the texts of the Bible in their original languages he was startled to discover the multitude of mistakes and intentional alterations that had been made by earlier translators. In Misquoting Jesus, Ehrman tells the story behind the mistakes and changes that ancient scribes made to the New Testament and shows the great impact they had upon the Bible we use today. He frames his account with personal reflections on how his study of the Greek manuscripts made him abandon his once ultraconservative views of the Bible.

The The God of OldGod of Old
Inside the Lost World of the Bible

by James L. Kugel / Hardcover / March 2003

Kugel (The Bible As It Was) again exerts his considerable command over a wide array of biblical texts and topics to provide a masterful survey of the way ancient Israelites understood God. Biblical texts written around the time of late Judaism, he says, tend to portray God as a universal, omnipresent, but remote deity. Not so with the earliest biblical texts; the Genesis stories about angels or the Exodus commandments against the worship of false gods depict God as a deity who is close to this world and to humanity. ... In glimmering prose, Kugel leads us on a mesmerizing tour of the differences between early and modern conceptions of God. -- Publishers Weekly

The The Book: A History of the BibleBook : A History of the Bible
by Christopher De Hamel /Hardcover / 2001

In the "unadulterated wow" category is the dazzling offering The Book: A History of the Bible by paleographist Christopher de Hamel, who served for a quarter century as the head of the Western Manuscripts department at Sotheby's in London. Packed with full-color representations of illuminated manuscripts, ancient scrolls, stained glass windows and early published editions of the Bible, the art takes center stage here. (Even the back cover should win an award for the most imaginative, startling religion book jacket design in recent memory.) The narrative history of the Bible's many translations and editions is also captivating, particularly the closing chapter on 20th-century biblical discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library.

Getting Getting the GospelsThe Gospels
Understanding The New Testament Accounts Of Jesus' Life

by Steven L. Bridge / Paperback / December 2004

With its short but packed chapters, accessible writing style and allusions to pop culture, this introduction to the four gospels contains enough meat for scholars, presented in a way that will be palatable for the general reader. Bridge argues that much of the gospels' original context has been lost, and helps readers understand that crucial context. ... With contagious enthusiasm and a fine attention to detail that never loses sight of the big picture, this little book is a gem of accessible biblical scholarship. -- Publishers Weekly

Whose Whose Bible Is It?Bible Is It?
A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages

by Jaroslav Pelikan / Hardcover / March 2005

Pelikan, Sterling professor emeritus of history at Yale University and author of a number of respected books in the area of Christian belief and tradition (e.g., Jesus Through the Centuries), presents an outstanding introduction to the development, use and acceptance of the biblical canon over the centuries. As the title suggests, different groups have claimed ownership to the canonization process. Even today, Bibles vary in their content and in their philosophy of translation. Beginning with the long heritage of the oral tradition, then exploring the writing and editing of the biblical texts, Pelikan takes the reader through the process of scripture building with a fluency and ease that is both accessible and understandable to the nonscholar. His treatment of modern critical methods is particularly well done.


Opening the BibleOpening the Bible
Volume 2 -
The New Church's Teaching Series
By Roger Ferlo / Paperback / 1997

For many people the Bible is strange and unfamiliar territory, impossible to navigate without a certain kind of knowledge and skill. Roger Ferlo leads his readers through the practical difficulties of reading the Bible, offering advice that is true to the way Anglicans have read Scripture from the time of Tyndale and Cranmer.


Engaging the WordEngaging the Word
Volume 3 - The New Church's Teaching Series
By Michael Johnston / Paperback / 1998

The companion to Opening the Bible, Michael Johnston's Engaging the Word teaches us how to use the critical and practical tools for reading the Bible described by Ferlo to interpret the Hebrew and Christian scriptures: what did they mean for their original audience and what do they mean for us today?

Sensing  GodSensing God: Reading the Bible With All Our Senses.
By Roger Ferlo / Paperback / Nov 2001

In these meditations on stories from the New Testament, Roger Ferlo shows us how to read the Bible in a "full-bodied" way, with all the senses attuned. For just as a printed recipe cannot substitute for a mouth-watering feast, so the Bible must be brought to life through the senses. Its stories must be seen, heard, touched, smelled, and tasted. Only then, Ferlo believes, can we truly begin to encounter in our lives the Word of



Wide as the WatersWide As the Waters : The Story of the English Bible and the Revolution It Inspired
by Benson Bobrick / Hardcover / April 2001 *

In surveying the translators and translations that paved the way for the King James Version, Bobrick rightly combines the history of translation with that of a political process that included key developments in the forging of Anglo-American democracy. Extracts from several translations afford comparative opportunities as well as illustrate the development of the language, yet what may interest most readers is Bobrick's demonstration that an interweaving of theology, politics, and language gave the King James Version its privileged place in the English language and English culture. -- Steven Schroeder Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


In the BeginningIn the Beginning:
The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation, a Language and a Culture
By Alister McGrath / Hardcover / April 2001 *

For the lover of history, literature, or language, In the Beginning is a book that shouldn't be missed. In bringing the story of the King James Bible to light, it captures a vanished period of history in vivid, compelling detail, and will more than prove Roberth Lowth's famous assertion that the King James translation is the "noblest monument of English prose


Reading the BibleReading the Bible Again for the First Time-- Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally
by Marcus J. Borg / Hardcover / Feb 2001 *

Marcus Borg, an Episcopal priest and a professor of religion at Oregon State University, has written this book as a follow-up to Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. Like his earlier book, this one is written for lay people whose faith has been frustrated by their misapprehension that fundamentalism's claim to be the one true faith is valid."Reading the Bible is a credible guide to the project it names. It is a faithful exercise of reason, undertaken to help Christians hear more clearly the many voices recorded in the Bible." --Michael Joseph Gross

Hear Marcus Borg in a Grace Cathedral Forum (Read Audio)

Really Bad GirlsReally Bad Girls of the Bible: More Lessons from Less-Than-Perfect-Woman
by Liz Curtis Higgs / Paperback / Sep 2000 *

In her best-selling book Bad Girls of the Bible, Liz Curtis Higgs breathed new life into ancient stories depicting eight of the most infamous women in scriptural history, from Jezebel to Delilah. Biblically sound and cutting-edge fresh, Bad Girls already has helped thousands of women experience God's grace anew by learning more about our nefarious sisters.The eye-opening stories of these eight "Really Bad" women demonstrate one really life-changing concept: the sovereign power of God to rule our hearts and our lives with grace, compassion, and hope.

Resurrection of Mary MagdaleneResurrection of Mary Magdalene: The Legends, Apocrypha, and the Christian Testament
by Jane Schaberg / Hardcover / June 2002 *

"Jane Schaberg's The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene is a giant leap forward in the study of this mysterious woman. And the Virginia Woolf material adds a fruitful cross-pollination. I wish there were more such exploratory ventures." --Gail Godwin, novelist and librettist of Magdalen at the Tomb



Rescuing the Bible

Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism:
A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture
by John Shelby Spong / paperback / June 1992*

In this provocative national bestseller the retired Episcopal Bishop of Newark issues a daring call for contemporary understanding of scripture.



Introduction to the New Testament

An Introduction to the New Testament
by Raymond E. Brown / hardcover / Oct 1997 *

Raymond E. Brown, a Roman Catholic priest, ignores the swirl of conflict surrounding the Bible as historical artifact, concentrating instead on the message it contains. He analyzes each of the 27 books in the New Testament, devoting painstaking attention to sources, dates, and authorship, as well as commentary on the spiritual, historical, and thematic aspects.



The Bible as  It Was

The Bible As It Was
by James L. Kugel / hardcover / Nov 1997 *

This is a guide to the Hebrew Bible unlike any other. James Kugel shows how a group of anonymous, ancient interpreters radically transformed the Bible and made it into the book that has come down to us today.
preface / sample chapter
Also in
paperback. /

* * Secaucus Public Library

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