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New Jersey Clean Energy Program

The Episcopal Church of
Our Saviour
in the Town of Secaucus, New Jersey

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Let your power go green

Stewardship is more than supporting your church. It is your life decisions. And you can be in the vanguard in environmental stewardship by deciding to follow the leadership of the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Newark and the Church of Our Saviour by switching to green energy.

The Executive Committee of the Church of Our Saviour has switched its facilities to "green" power service -- electricity produced by solar, wind, or water power rather than coal and nuclear generators. So when you switch on lights or the air conditioner at our church, imagine the air growing purer. Public Service will now purchase clean power equal to the amount we use here each year. You can do the same at home. Contact Don Roberts for details.

The green energy movement began in California with Episcopal Power and Light, which has now grown into a nationwide program called The Regeneration Project. Our Diocese has joined the cause through GreenFaith, an interfaith organization in New Jersey developed under the leadership of the Episcopal Church.

You'll find numbers of links for more information below.

"The purchase of renewable electric energy is a spiritual and moral act. The religious community is showing creative responsibility in taking the initiative to widen the market for energy that will lead to cleaner, healthier air for our children of the future."--The Rev. Franklin E. Vilas, D.Min

"Skip" Vilas, was the chairman of our Diocese's Environmental Commission, and President of Partners for Environmental Quality, Inc, at the time this article was published.

Photo Richard Perry/The New York Times
Link to New York Times article

Turning Monthly Light Bill Into a Moral Choice
Energy Choice in New Jersey gives churches and households the opportunity to take a stand for a cleaner environment. Episcopal priest Skip Vilas leads the way. From The New York Times, - 10 July 00. Link

The Regeneration Project
For the seed of Episcopal Power and Light has grown the nationwide Regeneration Project/ Within this site are numerous additional links. Link

New Jersey's interfaith environmental coalition, works to educate, motivate and mobilize faith-based institutions and people of faith to become leaders in the development of an environmentally just and sustainable society. Link

This program certifies the environmental quality of green energy offered by power suppliers. Link

New Jersey Clean Power
By choosing CleanPower, you're choosing to support the generation of renewable energy sources that diversify our energy supply and help create a healthier environment. Link

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
An exceptionally good site for information and advice about choosing energy and saving energy Link

Need for New Power Plants Ignores Conservation
Article in The New York Times indicates that the enviorment may be the loser in power deregulation. Another reason to choose green energy. Link

The Earth Charter Link

EPA Climate Change Site Link

Recommended Books
Go to Our Saviour's virtual bookstore for recommended books on Science and Religion. Link

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