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An Introduction to Icons. Icons have an interesting history in Christianity. They have been used and abused. Encouraged and banned. They became major issue in the church in the seventh and eighth centuries because they had become associated with idolatry -- people became worshipers of the painted images rather than of the divine presence behind them. Now they are the major art form in the Eastern Church, from Russia, through the Balkans and Greece, and into the Middle East and Africa. And there is growing use of icons in the West.

You'll find icons on our web pages for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday by Christopher Gosey, from the Ethiopian tradition. Perhaps you'd like to learn more about icons and about the churches that produce them. Here are some interesting links:

Christopher Gosey, Iconographer
Web site devoted to icons by Christopher Gosey, who works in the idiom of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, as well as other schools of iconography. In addition to icons on his site and ours, view his icon of St. Stephen written for
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

Kathryn Carrington Sacred Art
Artist Kathryn Carrington's "Christ In Glory" triptych was featured at the 74th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, and the Episcopal Church's national website featured Kathryn Carrington's "Christ the Lord" on its homepage. Prints of the latter are offered for sale on her website.

Do Orthodox Christians worship icons?
No Christian worships an image. Christians worship God. We do not worship Icons, but we do venerate them. An Orthodox explains icons.

Your Guide to Byzantine Icons on the Internet: The Beauty of Byzantine Art -- Icons, Frescoes and Mosaics -- Access to 11000 images in 35 countries. The purpose of this website is to enable the visitor to rediscover and experience the beauty and deeper meaning of (Orthodox) Byzantine Icons, the visual and spiritual treasures of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and an integral part of the Orthodox Faith. The site provides easy links to 4000 ancient and medieval byzantine icons, frescoes and mosaics, by country of origin, as well as 7000 contemporary byzantine icons and frescoes, listed by iconographer.

Come and See Icons
At this site you may view - and buy - icons written by 20 iconographers. Extensive information is available concerning each of the iconographers and one may view icons by artitist or by saint, event, etc.

Ikons: Windows into Heaven
Offers information about the history and meaning of Orthodox icons, and the craft of icon painting. Maintained by icon painter Bob Atchison.

Icon Painting
An online study from the Russian language studies of Rollins University

Temple Gallery
Foremost dealer in icons -- large number available

Olga's Gallery -- Russian Icons

Coptic Icons written by Dr. Isaac Fanous
At Holy Virgin Mary Church, Los Angeles, CA.

Maronite Icons Liturgical Year
Fifty icons of the liturgical year in the Syro-Maronite style

Online Museum of the Church of Greece
Links to Greek icons -- ancient and contemporary

The Coptic Network Picture Archives
Numbers of coptic icons on display

Greek Archdiocese of America
A large collection of icons.

Gallery Lukovic
Work of Serbian iconographer and restorer

Ethiopian Icons -- Faith and Science
Explore the unique imagery of Ethiopian icons from the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

Russian Icon Gallery
More Russian Icons for sale

Orthodox Icons

Gallery: Byzantine Images
Images and links collected as part of Byzantine Studies on the Internet

Treasures of Mount Athos - Portable Icons
A magnificent on-line museum of the icons, manuscripts, seals, documents, carvings and sculptures of the monasteries of Mount Athos provided by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

One World Magazine - Ethiopia, Land of Plenty
A whole issue of an electronic magazine devoted to Ethiopia. The first article, "the Sign and the Seal," is especially interesting with numbers of excellent photos relating to the Orthodox Christian Church in Ethiopia.

Icons at Novgorod
The wonderful icons of this historic Russian city.

Ukrainian Icons - 11th to 16th Centuries
While the text clearly has been written by someone to whom English is a second language, it is informative and the icons are worth viewing. This is from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is Byzantine in tradition and in communion with Rome.

Icons of the Saris Museum at Bardejov
Some really interesting and quite different icons from Slovokia (click on small icon in "museum" to view).

Old Serbian Icons - St Luke's Orthodox Mission
Serbian icons from 13th through 17th Century

Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery - Icon Studio
Various views of icon studio and examples of icons produced by monks

Art of the Descani Monastery

Coptic Icons

Western Saints (Orthodox) Icons
This site has hundreds of images of Western saints. Have you heard of St Oswin, King of Northumbria and Martyr? He's here.

All Saints!
Alphabetical listing of 14,687 saints in PDF file offered by All Merciful Saviour Russian Orthodox Mission, Austin, TX

The Internet home of Orthodox Byzantine Icons and St. Isaac of Syria Skete. Handsome icons are available at this site.

The Orthodox Church and Its Icons
A most excellent compilation of links to icons, including those previously recommended and many more.

Prayer and Iconography:
An Interview with William Hart McNichols, S.J.
Learn about the spirtuality of icons from an iconographers point of view and view beautiful examples of his contemporary works.

Icons - Episcopal Church Visual Arts
Exhibit of
icons created by Episcopalians

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