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We warmly welcome single persons, people of all races and families of every kind.


Sunday Service:
Holy Eucharist at 9:30 am

Child care is available


Church of Our Saviour
191 Flanagan Way
(Rt 153)
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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Tel: 201-863-1449

Barbara Lewis

Acting Vicar

Dorothy Fowlkes
Pastoral Associate


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The Church of
Our Saviour
in the Town of Secaucus, New Jersey

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"Stewardship is everything you do after you say yes to Jesus Christ" -- Clarence Stoughton 


Giving at our church

There is nothing legalistic about giving at the Church of Our Saviour. We endorse tithing as a biblical standard. But we don't pressure folks to tithe. Because the Bible speaks of giving of a tithe as one tenth, we do suggest that you examine your giving in proportion to your resources. Do you accept giving as an offering of thanks to God for what God has given to you? If so, you also might want to examine your giving in relation to your other expenditures. What proportion of your income do you spend on food? clothing? housing? entertainment? That's stewardship.

In the fall we especially emphasize Christian giving. If you attend regularly you will be asked to fill out a card identifying your estimated giving for the next year. This is an entirely private affair. What you put on the card will be between you and God. You will not be asked to sign this card. But you will be asked to seal it in an envelope and return it to the church.

This allows you to plan your giving and it allows your church to formulate its budget and plan for the next year. Your church's budget is built around anticipated income. This is good stewardship.


Stewardship Prayer

Almighty God our Father
we belong to you.
All that we have comes from you

Our family and friends
Our health
Our possessions and energy
Our leisure and abilities.

Help us to share
in the blessings of giving
as well as the
happiness of receiving.

We ask this in the name of Jesus.

--from the Diocese of Canterbury

Proportional Giving

Proportional giving can be your way of saying thank you to God. A chart on the next web page will help you calculate your weekly giving as a proportion of your income.CLICK

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