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The Church Publishing Company is our recommended vendor of The Book of Common Prayer, The Hymnal 1982 and related publications for use in the Episcopal Church. They have a large selection to choose from. Prices are reasonable. Shipments are processed promptly. Other books from Amazon.com are listed below (including prayer books from other parts of the Anglican Communion).

Books identified with * are available for free loan through the Secaucus Public Library and the Bergen Country Cooperative Library Service.

The Oxford The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common PrayerGuide to the Book of Common Prayer
A WorldwideSurvey
Edited by Charles Hefling and Cynthia Shattuck / Hardcover / June 2006

The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer offers a fascinating journey through the history and development of a classic of world literature. Much more than simply a history, this volume describes how Anglican churches at all points of the compass have developed their own Prayer Books and adapted the time-honored Anglican liturgies to their diverse local cultures. In the dozens of editions now in use throughout the world, the same texts -- Daily Prayers, the Eucharist, Marriage and Funerals, and many others -- resemble each other, and yet differ from each other in interesting ways. Throughout, the contributors underscore that "Anglicans do their theology in the context of worship." 640 pages brimming full of Anglicanism!

Book of Common PrayerThe Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church together with The Psalter or Psalms of David according to use in the Episcopal Church in the United States. 1,001 pp

The Book of Common Prayer is published in three sizes:

Chapel or Personal - 4 inches x 6 inches
Pew - 5 inches x 7 inches
Chancel or Santuary - 6 inches x 8 inches

Gift editions of The Book of Common Prayer -- available in leather, bonded leather and imitation leather bindings..

Selections from The Book of Common Prayer -- Large Print -- published in a red, spiral bound edition - 7 x 10 inches



Hymnal 1982The Hymnal 1982
969 pp

Basic Singers edition - 6 x 8 inches
Accompaniest edition - 2 volumes - 6 x 8 inches
Hymnbook - 6 x 8 inches (hymns only, no service music)

Selections from The Hymnal 1982 -- Large Print -- published in a blue, spiral bound edition - 7 x 10 inches



Poems of GracePoems of Grace
Texts of The Hymnal 1982
720 pp

Reading hymns as poetry for meditation and understanding has long been an Anglican practice. Some hymnals in England print one stanza with music and the rest as poetry. Americans have preferred that texts be interlined with music for ease and instruction in singing. This text-only edition of The Hymnal 1982 brings out the beauty and meaning of the poetry that has moved Christians to ministry for hundreds of years. This handsome red book is a companion to the study edition of the Book of Common Prayer and is an ideal accompaniment to the folllowing books by Nancy Roth.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com

A Closer WalkA Closer Walk
Meditating on Hymns for Year A

By Nancy Roth / Paperback
284 pp

Nancy Roth has given us an engaging book for prayer, personal devotion, homily and liturgy preparation, or for Christian education. Adapting a style of meditation from the teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola, she provides guidance for personal devotion following the church year. Hymns selected are taken from A Liturgical Index to The Hymnal 1982 by Marion J. Hatchett. Each text is discussed historically and then reflected upon to encourage the reader to engage in an even deeper meditation.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com - new and used

Awake My SoulAwake, My Soul!
Meditations on Hymns for Year B

By Nancy Roth / Paperback
260 pp

Following her meditations for year A, Nancy Roth gives us another volume of historical vignettes and thoughtful meditations on hymns for each week in Year B. The reader will want to have a copy of Poems of Grace: Texts of The Hymnal 1982 nearby to refer to the hymn text. Besides being a personal resource for spiritual exercises, these meditations provide stimulating material for preparing bulletin notes, newsletter articles, or sermons.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com


New Every MorningNew Every Morning
Meditating on Hymns for Year C

By Nancy Roth / Paperback
260 pp

Nancy Roth recounts some historical aspect of each hymn and goes on to ponder the text in a meditation. These meditations are eclectic and original, touching on such diverse subjects as contemporary prophets, a community protest vigil, and a child's perception of the Eucharist. This volume includes a comprehensive index for all three volumes in the series.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com



Praise, Praise My SoulMy Soul
Meditating on Hymns
By Nancy Roth  / Paperback / Large Print

Author Nancy Roth says, "Exploring the church's rich tradition of hymnody has been an important part of my life over the last few years. I have found myself drawn in an extraordinary way into the stories of the poets, saints, martyrs, and quite ordinary people who wrote our hymn texts. The words of a hymn draw me into God's presence, creating a quiet space for reflection and contemplation. Often I find that the texts voice my own prayer, like an alternative prayer book." Praise My Soul contains selections from Roth's previous three books of hymn meditations (see below)in a special, large-print format to make these meditations more easily accessible to all readers.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com



Hymnal CompanionHymnal 1982 Companion -- Four Volumes
Edited by Raymond F Glover

The complete four-volume set includes major essays and relevant discussions of the musical forms in The Hymnal 1982 which cover such topics as popular religious song, cultural diversity, the relationship between The Hymnal 1982 and the liturgies of The Book of Common Prayer, the development of service music in the Episcopal Church, hymn forms, and a brief history of Christian hymnody in the United States and Britain. In addition, complete information is given on all hymns and service music which includes the sources of text and music as well as biographical and technical facts.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com -- new and used





Supplements to the Hymnal:


Lift Every Voice and SingLift Every Voice and Sing II
An African-American Hymnal
cloth (384 pp)

This popular collection of 280 musical pieces from both the African American and Gospel traditions has been compiled under the supervision of the Office of Black Ministries of the Episcopal Church. It includes service music and several psalm settings in addition to the Negro spirituals, Gospel songs, and hymns.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com -- new and used


We Sing of GodWe Sing of God
A Hymnal for Children

Robert N Roth and Nancy L Roth
Paperback (122 pp)

A hymnal of selections with limited verses from The Hymnal 1982 chosen specifically for their accessibility for children. The Children's Hymnal contains melody line and one verse of word underlay and possibly other verses.



Wonder Love and PraiseWonder, Love, and Praise
A Supplement to The Hymnal 1982

(262 pp)

This second supplement to The Hymnal 1982 is an eclectic collection of two hundred hymns, songs, and spiritual songs including a large selection of service music and devotional pieces. It is a valuable new resource for worship, parish functions, and home use. The sturdy paperback pew edition contains all necessary accompaniments. There are additional hymns for Advent, Holy Week, Baptism, Ordinations, and Funerals as well as for healing, mission, unity, and peace. There are a dozen bilingual hymns and another dozen from Lift Every Voice and Sing II. The service music section contains twenty-nine new canticle settings including six Glorias, two Te Deums, A Song of Wisdom and A Song of Pilgrimage from Supplemental Liturgical Materials. There are two sets of Gospel Acclamations based on hymn tunes for the seasons of Easter and Epiphany. In addition there are twenty-nine selections of other liturgical and devotional music that includes table graces, rounds, acclamations, and selections of Music from Taize.

Note: Also available from Amazon.com -- new and used




Also from Church Publishing...


Learning to LoveLearning to Love
by Gretchen Wolff Pritchard

Parents and children, friends and acquaintances, teachers and students learn from each other and, throughout life, help develop and refine the human capacity for love. This new JourneyBook illustrates this phenomenon in beautifully written prose and poetry by well-known author and children's minister, Gretchen Wolff Pritchard. Writing from her perspective as founder of The Children's Mission of St. Paul and St. James in New Haven, Connecticut, author Pritchard documents significant experiences in her life that formed her, and in so doing, brings the reader to new insights about his or her own life. (128 pp)

Note: Also available from Amazon.com -- new and used


From Amazon.com...


ommentary on  the American Prayer BookCommentary on the American Prayer Book
by Marion J. Hatchett / Paperback: / October 1995

If you are an inquiring Episcopalian, then this is the book for you! Marion Hatchett has produced a wonderful resource for those wanting to know more about our Book of Common Prayer. He gives historical background, theological information, and loads of other facts concerning the various rites, collects, feast days, prefaces, etc.

Also available in hardcover edition


Child's Prayer BookChild's Guide to the Holy Eucharist, Rite II
by Sarah Horton, Cecilia M. Murdoch (Illustrator) / Paperback / March 1999

Written for grammar-school age children, this guide to the Rite II Eucharistic service presents the full text of the service from the Book of Common Prayer alongside commentary and cartoons that clarify the meaning of the words.

I Sing I Sing a Song of the Saints of Goda Song of the Saints of God
by Lesbia Scott, Illustrated by Judith Gwyn Brown / Paperback / May 1991

This charming presentation of the beloved classic hymn by Lesbia Scott (1898-1987) draws children into the vivid world of saints and their life adventures. We see how each saints have demonstrated qualities of courage, joy, love of Christ, kindness, patience, and generosity. Best of all, children discover that... “the saints of God are just folks like me, and I mean to be one too.”    Biographies of the saints alluded to in the text, plus the music and words of the hymn are included.

All Things All Things Bright and BeautifulBright and Beautiful
by Cecil Frances Alexander, Illustrated by Bruce Whatley / Hardcover / Sept 2001

Whatley has interpreted this 19th-century hymn, which celebrates both nature and the omnipotence of the Creator, in beautiful, panoramic watercolor paintings. They feature a girl dressed in dungaree overalls, a straw hat, and boots walking on a farm with her dog.

The Shorter New Oxford Book of CarolsShorter New Oxford Book of Carols
by Hugh Keyte, Andrew Parrott (Editor) / Paperback / August 1993

This--the performers' edition of the massive New Oxford Book of Carols--is a selection of 120 carols in 173 different settings. The music, which is divided into composed carols and traditional carols, covers nine centuries of Christmas music from around the world. Popular and unknown material is included: the settings are straightforward and each carol is accompanied by a note on historical background. The emphasis is on the fresh approach to the carol, and the editors have cleared away the accretions of years to recapture the original spirit and vigor of the music. Selections from the book are featured on EMI Classic's recordings "The Carol Album," "The Christmas Album," and "Carol Album 2," performed by the Taverner Consort, Choir, and Players under the direction of Andrew Parrott.

The New Oxford Book of CarolsNew Oxford Book of Carols
by Hugh Keyte (Editor), et al / Paperback / September 1998

Edited by early music experts Hugh Keyte and Andrew Parrott, this anthology of Christmas carols is the most comprehensive collection ever made, spanning seven centuries of caroling in Britain, continental Europe, and North America. Containing music and text of 201 carols, many in more than one setting, the book is organized in two sections: composed carols, ranging from medieval Gregorian chants to modern compositions, and folk carols, including not only traditional Anglo-American songs but Irish, Welsh, German, Czech, Polish, French, Basque, Catalan, Sicilian, and West Indian songs as well. Each carol is set in four-part harmony, with lyrics in both the original language and English. Accompanying each song are detailed scholarly notes on the history of the carol and on performance of the setting presented

The The Festivasl of Nine Lessons and CarolsFestival of Nine Lessons and Carols
by William P. Edwards (Editor)  / Hardcover / With CD / Nov 2004

First aired in 1918, it is broadcast annually by BBC Radio direct from King's College Chapel in Cambridge and carried in the United States by NPR. Many have organized their holiday festivities to be part of the audience for this very special performance. With beautiful illustrations of details from illuminated manuscripts, photographs, and paintings appropriate to the season, this elegant volume is a wonderful companion to this unique Christmas celebration. It is packaged with a CD of a slightly abridged version of a service that includes a dozen carols, including "Once in Royal David's City," "O Come, All Ye Faithful," "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "Good King Wenceslas," "Silent Night, Holy Night," and "In Dulci Jubilo," all sung by the internationally renowned boy's and men's choir of King's College. In addition to following the complete festival in sequence, the book contains a history of the service and of King's College's choir, what the service means today, and the origins and history of the hymns and carols. A keepsake that families will cherish, the book is a romantic and religious departure from the modern world, a glorious affirmation that Christmas has arrived.





The Collects of Thomas CranmerThe Collects of Thomas Cranmer
by Frederick C. Barbee (Compiler), Paul F. Zahl (Editor)
Hardcover / December 1998

This lovingly prepared edition of the Anglican collects, or short prayers, which first appeared in this form in the Book of Common Prayer of 1549, should pique the interest of both religion scholars and devout communicants It contains not only the prayer texts as translated or composed by Protestant hero Cranmer and his collaborators but also a sensitive introduction by C. Fitzsimmons Allison, the bishop of South Carolina, and suggestions for meditation inspired by each of the collects. Recommended for most collections, especially those strong in Christian spirituality.



Opening PrayerbookOpening the Prayer Book
By Jeffrey Lee / Paperback / Sep 1999

Opening the Prayer Book introduces us to the history and liturgies of The Book of Common Prayer, and helps us understand why the prayer book is such an important aspect of Anglican self-understanding. Volume 7 of The New Church's Teaching Series.

Welcome Welcome  to the Book of Common PrayerTo The Book Of Common Prayer
by Vicki K. Black / Paperback / August 2005

Welcome to the Book of Common Prayer shows readers everything from where to find the Sunday collect to how to pray the Daily Office. But it's more than a how-to. It offers history and background that help make the prayer book a more meaningful part of the worship life of individuals and congregations. With thoughtful reflection questions, this is a perfect volume for parish study groups.



Year of Days



A Year of Days with the Book of Common Prayer
by Edmond Lee Browning
Paperback / Nov 1997 **
The former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, has poured the experience, wisdom, and love of a lifetime into meditations that explore our spirit, heal our hurt, and renew our spirituality.

The The PrymerPrymer:
The Prayer Book of the Medieval Era Adapted for Contemporary Use
Edited by Robert E. Webber / Paperback / October 2000

Webber has revived the most widely used form of spirituality in the fifteenth century, the prymer used by laity for daily prayers, which were the foundation of lay spirituality until the Reformation. Webber has adapted the "Hours of the Blessed Virgin" to "Prayers and Readings for Every Day" and also includes a section of "Prayers for the Time of Grief." He offers margin space for readers to record their own thoughts and prayers alongside the formal ones, in keeping with the 15th-century English practice of ruminato, or introspective reader-reflection on the text. This book is an exciting restoration. -- Publishers Weekly

The Book The Book of Common Prayer 1559of Common Prayer 1559
The Elizabethan Prayer Book
Edited by John E. Booty/Hardcover / 2005

The Book of Common Prayer, 1559, published by the University Press of Virginia for the Folger Shakespeare Library in 1976, and long out of print, has been reissued in the same handsome format as the original edition. In this magnificent document one begins to understand not only the Anglican church but also the Elizabethan culture in which Shakespeare lived, for this was one of the books that helped shape Renaissance England in all of its vitality and greatness. Follow the web link above to learn more about the book, including a reprint of a most interesting and well written review by Michael Dirda which was published in the Washington Post just prior to Christmas 2005 and was headed "A season to remember the transforming power of sacred language." It's good reading.

First English Prayer BookFirst English Prayer Book
Compiled by Robert Van De Weyer / Hardcover / Oct 1999

In 1549, Thomas Cranmer published the first Prayer Book in English. Based on medieval forms of worship, its language is both sublime and majestic. Later Prayer Books produced by the Anglican Communion are derived from it. This presentation of the First Englisyh Prayer Book is not a reporduction of this historic volume, but an artful compilation based upon the 1549 book. It presents Cranmer's services in a form which is practical, accessible, and easy to follow.The book is intended for worship. This the editor makes that clear. All the major services are here: Matins and Evensong, the Litany, the marriage and burial offices, Confirmation, the Catechism, Baptism and the Visitation of the Sick, and, of course, the Holy Communion. Also included are the Collects and the assigned Epistle and Gospel lessons for Sundays and holy days. The services are formatted for easy reading, with the rubrics in red, the archaic spelling updated, the versicles and responses bolded and the paragraphs adequately separated. This is a very handsome edition, and easy to use.



New Zealand Book of Common PrayerNew Zealand Prayer Book:
He Karakia Mihinare O Aotearoa
by Church of the Province of New Zealand, now The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
hardcover / July 1997

The "New Zealand Prayer Book" is a masterpiece. Combining the traditional prayers and forms of worship of the Anglican Church of New Zealand with the rich earth-based spirituality of the Maori and other Pacific Island cultures, this worship manual should be the standard for any church or community seeking to deepen its connection with creation and the Creator. The richness and diversity of its forms, the simplicity of its language, and its concern for the hundreds of years of worship practices of the Anglican Church combine in a Prayer Book for the Twenty-first Century. - George Foxworth, Sacramento, CA

Book of Common Prayer - Church of IrelandThe Book of Common Prayer
The Church of Ireland
Pew Edition / hardcover / 2004

This new book of Common Prayer of the Church of Ireland includes services of the Church handed down through the centuries as well as services in contemporary language.

A time-honoured vision of Common Prayer informs the contents and presentation of this book. It seeks to unify the worship of God's people, while allowing reasonable scope for diversity within the essential unity of the Church's prayer. It is also intended to be a book which has equal capacity to enrich private devotion as well as public worship.

Also available in an abridged large print edition

The contents of this prayer book are also available in pdf format on the website of the Church of Ireland

As We Believe, So We PrayAs We Believe So We Pray:
A Book of Daily Prayer
by Brian Mayne / Paperback: / March 2004

Convenient, compact and constructive ways of praying in harmony with the church. Forms of prayer based on scripture are presented for twelve weekdays. These are focused on phrases from the Apostles' Creed. There are also three forms focusing on Irish saints, holy communion, and on the expression, 'in sickness and in health'. Drawing to a large extent on the 2004 edition of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of Ireland, each form has a prayer of penitence, a psalm, bible reading, and canticle, with suggestions for intercession and thanksgiving. The author, Brian mayne, is editior the the 2004 Book of Common Prayer.

And from Church House Publishing....
Publishing arm of the Church of England

Common Worship: Standard Edition
Hardcover / Nov 2000

Common Worship, authorized in November 2000 to supplement the Book of Common Prayer, may be previewed at the Church of England website.


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