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Spiritual Travel
More books on travel with a Christian purpose

When you find a book you like, simply click on its title to find more information or begin the ordering process from Amazon.com. Your purchases help support our public service outreach programs.

Books identified with * are available for free loan through the Secaucus Public Library and the Bergen Country Cooperative Library Service.

Spiritual Traveler: The spiritual Traveler: Chicago and IllinoisChicago and Illinois:
A Guide to Sacred Sites and Peaceful Places

by Marilyn J. Chiat / Paperback / November 2003

The Spiritual Traveler: Chicago and Illinois is a unique guidebook. It introduces hundreds of churches, synagogues, mosques, meetinghouses, Buddhist meditation centers and Hindu temples, as well as retreat centers of various religious traditions. It lists landmarks that rank among America's finest works of architecture and contain treasures of spiritual art and history. It describes numerous beautiful gardens, parks, cemeteries, and other peaceful places, as well as the natural beauty of the land between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. Introductory chapters recount the spiritual history of Illinois, offer an overview of many faith traditions, and explain its sacred architecture.

Spiritual Traveler: Boston and New EnglandSpiritual Traveler: Boston and New England: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Peaceful Places
By Jana Riess / Paperback / June  2002 *

Part history and part travel guide, this book provides a fascinating look at both past and present as it describes churches, synagogues and other religious sites throughout New England. Beginning with an overview of the various religions and their sanctuaries, Riess describes various houses of worship and their unique features. In addition to standard travel guide fare such as hours, location and nearby attractions, there are "focus boxes" that offer interesting definitions or information. Riess's writing is always direct and particularly vibrant when she's offering a historical perspective --perhaps not surprising since she holds a doctorate in American religious history. -- Publishers Weekly

Spiritual Traveler - NYÇThe Spiritual Traveler : New York City : The Guide to Sacred Spaces and Peaceful Places
By Edward F. Bergman / Hardcover / May 2001 *

This second book in the Spiritual Traveler series continues in the tradition of offering valuable historical and architectural information about the houses of worship of many faiths, in addition to tips about natural sites such as parks and gardens. The introduction contains brief, useful histories of New York's many faith groups, along with a very helpful chapter on the architectural features of the city's houses of worship. Organized by neighborhood, the book is a terrific guide to the sacred sites of Manhattan, but the outer boroughs receive rather cursory treatment in a single chapter. Informational focus boxes and more than 100 black and white photographs enhance the text.

Spiritual Traveler - EnglandThe Spiritual Traveler : The Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain
By Martin Palmer, Nigel Palmer / paperback / Nov 2000 *

This unique guide book takes us on a journey across the rural and urban landscapes of Britain, and helps us to discover and explore a multitude of sacred sites: ancient stone circles and tombs, Christian and pre-Christian shrines, medieval synagogues, small country churches and soaring cathedrals, Eastern temples, abbey ruins, sacred cities, holy well, etc. Includes tips for overnight lodging in monasteries, abbeys and spiritual centers.



Four guidebooks offer Christian travelers an accessible entry into European history, with special focus on Christian (especially Protestant) heritage and faith. Brief sidebars on important historical figures, informative architectural diagrams and introductory chapters on history and art complement the volumes, which are arranged alphabetically by town. Brilliantly, each book promotes the series' Web site (http://www.christian-travelers-guides.com), which links to the Web pages of many sacred places, offers tips on Christian accommodations, gives excerpts from key historical sermons and texts, and even suggests daily devotions as visitors travel through Europe. The books lack practical information, such as directions, hours and telephone numbers, and more maps would also be helpful. - Publishers Weekly


The Christian Travelers Guide to Great Britain
By Irving Hexham (Editor) / Paperback / April 2001

This guide allows you to marvel at the venerable Bede, who almost single-handedly preserved European civilization in an age of death and destruction, become a pilgrim with John Bunyan in his beloved Bedford, and see where John Wesley preached against slavery and converted thousands.

The Christian Travelers Guide to Italy
By David Bershad, Carolina Magone, Irving Hexham (Editor), Carol Mangone / Paperback / April 2001 *

This guide reveals a wealth of art and architecture stretching back to the early church and the age of the martyrs. See where Christians died in the arena and where great artists like Michelangelo depicted unforgettable scenes of Biblical truths.

 The Christian Travelers Guide to France
By Mark W. Konnert, Peter Barrs, Carine Barrs, Irving Hexham (Editor) / Paperback / April 2001

You will relive the experience of the Huguenots and the creators of such medieval Christian masterpieces as the cathedrals Chartes and Notre Dame.

The Christian Traveler's Guide to Germany
By Irving Hexham (Editor), Lothar Henry Kope Paperback / April 2001

In this Christian TravelerÕs Guide, you will experience the churchÕs struggle against Nazi paganism, ponder the sorrow of the Thirty Years War, and see where both the Reformation and the modern missionary movement were born.

The Christian Traveler's Companion : The USA and Canada
By Amy S. Eckert, William J. Petersen / Paperback / March 2000

This unique guide includes thousands of sites within the United States and Canada that offer Christians inspiration and fun. It adopts the approach of general travel books, with an opening section on travel preparation and answers to potential questions followed by a state-by-state (and province-by-province) listing that concisely describes each areas highlights. While most travel guides ignore overtly religious sites, this one points out everything from Manitobas Mennonite Village Museum to Californias Spanish missions. There are also plenty of fun activities for families, including ghost towns, spelunking, hiking, zoos, festivals, and much more!

The Christian Travelers Companion-Western Europe
By Amy S. Eckert, William J. Petersen / Paperback / March 2001

This guidebook moves through Western Europe country by country, citing between 3,000 and 3,500 locations. Like the previous book, it cites places of interest to both Protestants and Catholics and includes sidebars on special points of interest. The authors place special emphasis on Christian history. They also include hymn stanzas appropriate to the countries and short biographical sketches of influential people.

Pilgrim Guides

This series of guides, published by Canterbury Press Norwich, is available from Amazon.co.uk in England. Go to Books from Britain for information about ordering from Amazon.co.uk., including a useful currency converter to determine the price in US dollars.

The Pilgrims'Way from Winchester to Canterbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Christopher Martin / Paperback / 1999

An illustrated guide to the spiritual dimensions of pilgrim sites in the region in the PILGRIM GUIDES series.


Aylesford: Pilgrim Guide
By Wilfred McGreal / Paperback / July 1998

Canterbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Peter Brett / Paperback / May, 1997

Durham: Pilgrim Guide
By Ronald Coppin / Paperback / May 1997

Ely: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Higgins / Paperback / 1998

Exeter: Pilgrim Guide
By David Ison / Paperback / 1999

Holy Island: Pilgrim Guide
By David Adam / Paperback / May 1997

Iona: Pilgrim Guide
By Peter Millar / Paperback / May 1997

Norwich: Pilgrim Guide
By Stephen Platten / Paperback / July 1998

North Yorkshire: Pilgrim Guide
Rievaulx, Fountains, Byland and Jervaulx - Great Cistercian abbeys of Rievaulx, Fountains, Byland and Jervaulx
By Lucy Beckett / Paperback / April 1998

Rochester: Pilgrim Guide
By John Armson / Paperback / April 1999

Salisbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Hugh Dickinson / Paperback / 1997

St Albans: Pilgrim Guide
By Bill Ritson / Paperback / April 1998

St Davids: Pilgrim Guide
By Brendan O'Malley / Paperback / September 1997

Tintern: Pilgrim Guide
By Esther de Waal / Paperback / 1999

Tewkesbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Tavinor / Paperback / July 1998

Winchester: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Till / Paperback / 1997

York: Pilgrim Guide
By John Toy, Leslie Stanbridge / Paperback / 1997

A Guide to the Pilgrim's Way and North Downs Way
By Christopher John Wright / 4th revised edition, May 1993

An entirely revised and updated edition of Christopher John Wright's masterly guide to Pilgrim's Way and North Downs Way.

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