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The the English CathedralEnglish Cathedral  
By Tim Tatton-Brown, John Crook (Photographer) / Hardcover / November 2002

With over 240 colour photographs, this book celebrates all the fascinating and diverse cathedrals, both Anglican and Roman Catholic, to be found on English soil. It covers all 63 cathedrals, from Truro in Cornwall to Carlisle near the Scottish border. Written by an expert in church history and design, the text sheds light on the cathedrals' evolving architectural styles and changing roles through the centuries.

Church Church Explorer's HandbookExplorer's Handbook
By Open Churches Trust, Clive Fewins / June 2005

Visiting English churches as part of a day out or a vacation is a hugely popular activity, but without a guide, the fascinating stories that a church building has to tell remain a secret. Even where local churches provide visitors' guides, these often contain little more than architectural notes. This down-to-earth and friendly guide not only explains the differences between different styles of church architecture, but how churches have evolved over the centuries to look the way they do today, how to recognise and understand the individual features of any church building, and what everything in them is used for. Illustrations, boxed features, a glossary of terms and a county-by county guide of outstanding churches to visit make this an indispensable companion.

A Brand from the BurningA Brand from the Burning: The Life of John Wesley  
By Roy Hattersley

John Wesley led the Second English Reformation. His Methodist "Connexion" was divided from the Church of England, not by dogma and doctrine but by the new relationship which it created between clergy and people. He could not have realised that his influence on the new industrial working class would play a major part in shaping society during the century of Britain's greatest power and influence and that Methodism would become a worldwide religion and the inspiration of 20th-century television evangelism.

Awesome Awesome GodGod   
By Sara Maitland / Paperback / March 2002

This is a wide-ranging book about the relationship between God and contemporary science and culture. This leads into a consideration of how we should respond as Christians to a number of controversial and contemporary issues. The themes are similar to those in her previous book A Big-Enough God, which was very successful, but this is presented accessibly for those with no theological training.


St St GeorgeGeorge
By  Christopher Stace / Paperback / March 2002

How did a fourth century solider-saint become so famous throughout the east and west and end up as the patron saint of England? This fascinating books begins with the known facts, before moving on to the mass of legends that grew up around George's name. It explores the saint's vast popularity in England through the ages, and the way his cult endures today, looking at his historical and spiritual significance.


The Cockney BibleBible in Cockney
By Mike Coles / Paperback / Apr 2001

The Holy Bible (well, bits of it anyway) has been translated into cockney rhyming slang, which will amuze many Brits and may puzzle many Americans. Read how Jesus feeds five thousand geezers with just five loaves of Uncle Fred and two Lilian Gish. Or how Noah built a bloomin' massive nanny. Then there's always the story of David and that massive geezer Goliath. It contains an introduction explaining the aims and background of the book, including an explanation of cockney slang, plus seven Old Testament episodes and the stories of Mark's Gospel, "translated" into cockney slang. The book concludes with the Lord's Prayer and a full glossary of Cockney slang terms and phrases.

Traveling with a PrimateTravels with a Primate
By Terry Waite / Hardcover / Nov 2000

Terry Waite reminisces on the seven years of his travels with Runcie as the Archbishop's Advisor on Anglican Communion Affairs, bringing out the humorous and therefore human touch. Woven into the anecdotes are interesting snippets of history about the Archbishops of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace and the complex organism called the Anglican Communion. Anglicans are better than most religious people at laughing at themselves; and without preaching, Terry Waite manages to communicate quiet trust in a God who is in charge despite the sometimes tumultuous and chaotic activities of mankind.

Interview with Terry Waite

He Never Said..
He Never Said...
By Steve Chalke / Paperback / Dec 2000

Chalke combines social analysis, celebrity analogies and present-day stories to debunk common modern myths. Is "God helps those who help themselves" the kind of statement that would ever have crossed the lips of Jesus?

Common Worship: Standard Edition
Hardcover / Nov 2000

Common Worship, authorized in November 2000 to supplement the Book of Common Prayer, may be previewed at the Church of England website.


ChristianityChristianity: A Global History
by David Chidester / Hardcover / June 2000

Christianity claims the allegiance of up to a third of the world's population and has had a profound impact on almost all the rest. In his accessible and comprehensive history, leading authority David Chidester examines the key doctrines and developments, from the ancient origins of Christian beliefs and practices during the first five centuries, through the historical transitions of the mediaeval and Byzantine era, to the global transformations of Christianity in the modern world.

ADAD:2,000 Years of Christianity
Edited by Christopher Howse

The story of Christianity is told through the people who made things happen.Each page is illustrated with wonderful color pictures, reproductions of the finest achievements of Christian art, newsreel shots and timelines. The succinct, journalistic style of writing gives a clear and informed overview of Christian history. Published by SPCK, it originally ran as a glossy 6-part serial in The Daily Telegraph. Telegraph review


1000 Churches

England's Thousand Best Churches
By Simon Jenkins

Beyond the cathedrals. This fascinating compendium, beautifully illustrated with photographs by Paul Barker from the Country Life archive, scours the hills and dales, cities and hamlets for England's Thousand Best Churches and comes up with some old favorites, welcome inclusions and surprising additions. Telegraph review by Andrew Lloyd Webber


The English

The English:
A Portrait of a People
By Jeremy Paxman

Though very easy to read, this book still is an intelligent portrait of the English, delving deeply into their psyche. Never overly judgmental, but always opinionated, Paxman has written a book that is both enjoyable and educating. Telegraph review by Carmen Callil



Dancing on the Edge
By Richard Holloway, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Scholarly yet accessible. The Bishop takes us through the main objections to belief in a loving and personal deity, then takes on the fraught issue of human sexuality, and finishes by looking at ways of relating to the Church as an evolving, yet divinely inspired ethical and moral system.


Godless Morality
By Richard Holloway, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

An intellectually stimulating book which shows WHY for centuries people have confused ethical imperatives with the demands of a set of beliefs.


Pilgrim Guides

This series of guides, published by Canterbury Press Norwich, is available from Amazon.co.uk.

The Pilgrims'Way from Winchester to Canterbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Christopher Martin / Paperback / 1999

An illustrated guide to the spiritual dimensions of pilgrim sites in the region in the PILGRIM GUIDES series.


Aylesford: Pilgrim Guide
By Wilfred McGreal / Paperback / July 1998

Canterbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Peter Brett / Paperback / May, 1997

Durham: Pilgrim Guide
By Ronald Coppin / Paperback / May 1997

Ely: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Higgins / Paperback / 1998

Exeter: Pilgrim Guide
By David Ison / Paperback / 1999

Holy Island: Pilgrim Guide
By David Adam / Paperback / May 1997

Iona: Pilgrim Guide
By Peter Millar / Paperback / May 1997

Norwich: Pilgrim Guide
By Stephen Platten / Paperback / July 1998

North Yorkshire: Pilgrim Guide
Rievaulx, Fountains, Byland and Jervaulx - Great Cistercian abbeys of Rievaulx, Fountains, Byland and Jervaulx
By Lucy Beckett / Paperback / April 1998

Rochester: Pilgrim Guide
By John Armson / Paperback / April 1999

Salisbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Hugh Dickinson / Paperback / 1997

St Albans: Pilgrim Guide
By Bill Ritson / Paperback / April 1998

St Davids: Pilgrim Guide
By Brendan O'Malley / Paperback / September 1997

Tintern: Pilgrim Guide
By Esther de Waal / Paperback / 1999

Tewkesbury: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Tavinor / Paperback / July 1998

Winchester: Pilgrim Guide
By Michael Till / Paperback / 1997

York: Pilgrim Guide
By John Toy, Leslie Stanbridge / Paperback / 1997


A Guide to the Pilgrim's Way and North Downs Way
By Christopher John Wright / 4th revised edition, May 1993

An entirely revised and updated edition of Christopher John Wright's masterly guide to Pilgrim's Way and North Downs Way.




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