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CFL Specifications

Information on CFLs
distributed on Earth Day

To encourage members and friends of the Church of Our Saviour and Quimby Memorial Church to use compact fluorescent lights in their homes and workplaces, everyone attending services on Earth day went home with a compact fluorescent light. (CFL).

The conversion to CFLs will reduce greenhouse gases which are the byproduct of electric generation and will provide long term cost savings to all who install them. Each CFL uses one-fourth the energy of a standard incandescent light.

General Specifications:
The CFLs given away use 13 watts and produce lighting equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent light. In general, a 60 watt CFL is estimated to eliminate over 600 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions during its lifetime and save about $45 in energy costs. Specifics for the compact lights distributed on Earth Day are linked below.

General Warnings:
Do not use with dimmers, or with certain timers and light sensitive switches which use dimming circuitry.
•Do not use in wet locations
•Use in recessed cans or enclosed indoor fixtures could result in reduced lamp life
•If interference electronic devices occurs, move the CFL away, or plug into another outlet

Specifications of CFLs distributed on Earth Day:

If you received a CFL in a rectangular box it is a

General Electric energy smart 60
Discription &endash; FLE13HT3/3/SW6P
Product Code 97659 &endash; FLE13HT3/3/SW6P

this is not listed on the web, but is similar to
GE Soft White 60
16459 &endash; FLE13HT3/2/SW/2P

If you reieved a CFL in a plastic ziplock bag it is a

Philips Marathon 60
Mini Dec Twister 13W Med EL/mDT 8BL
Product Number -- 150490


More about CFLs
For additional vital information about CFLs and global warming, advice on how and where to purchase CFLs (including dollar saving coupon), and environmental disposal of CFLs, go to the background web page on the Church of Our Saviour's CFL program.

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